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Club Membership Guidelines

Annual Senior Playing Membership

  1. Membership runs from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020
  2. All old and new Players must complete a 2019/20 Senior Playing Membership Application Form, which also acts as a League Registration Form, and notifies the Membership Secretary of any changes to personal details. Any player who is a Life Vice President should also complete a Membership Form to notify changes to personal details, but does not have to pay an Annual Fee.
  3. All original Forms will be kept by the Membership Secretary. Copies may be kept by the Team Captains/Managers/Coaches/League Secretary for contact purposes only. Copy Forms must be treated as in confidence at all times.
  4. The Annual Playing Membership Fee is £100 [ Senior & Veteran ] or £55 [ Full-time student ], (Armed Forces/Offshore Workers £25) The Fee is payable in full by cheque or cash, or by a five monthly Standing Order, on completion of the Senior Playing Membership Application Form.
  5. Players who have not completed a Membership Form, and paid their Annual Fee in full, or by Standing Order, are not covered by the RFU Insurance Scheme taken out by the Club.
  6. The Membership Secretary will provide Team Captains/Coaches/Managers with a list of Playing Members who have completed Membership Forms, and paid their Annual Fees, by 1st October 2019. Any Player who has not completed a Membership Form by 1st October 2019 will not be selected to play in any team in preference to fully paid-up members. They may also be de-registered from the RFU list of registered players with the Club.
  7. New Players joining between 1 October and 31 December 2019 must complete a Players Membership Form before they actually play a game in any team.
  8. New Players joining after 1st January 2020 will pay a part-season membership fee of £45 [ Senior & Veteran ] or £27.50 [ Full-time student ] and must complete a Players Membership Form before they actually play a game in any team.
  9. Annual Fees should only be collected by the Team Captains/ Membership Secretary/ Club Treasurer or those appointed by the Membership Secretary or Club Treasurer, no other Club official should collect or accept Annual Fees.
  10. It should be noted that priority to play on match days will be given to paid-up playing members. It should not be assumed that players will be contacted by team captains for their availability. It is the responsibility of the player to make the team captain(s) aware that they are available.

Download an application form here.

Annual Club Membership [ non-playing ]

  1. There is a separate Membership Form for non-playing Annual Club Membership.
  2. Annual Club membership is open to all non-playing supporters, and the fee of £60 is payable in full by cheque or cash, or by five monthly Standing Order, on joining the Club before 1 January 2019. A part-season fee of £30 will apply thereafter.

Download an application form here.

Life Vice President Membership

  1. The Life Vice President Fee of £450 is payable in full by cheque or cash, or by five monthly Standing Order, by invitation on joining the Club. Life Vice President Membership is open to both players and non-playing Club Supporters. Players however must also complete the Senior Playing Membership Form each year for League registration purposes and changes to personal details, but dont have to pay the Annual Playing Membership Fee.

General Conditions of Playing, Club & Vice President Membership

  1. The Membership Secretary will liaise directly with the Club Treasurer on all matters related to the payment and collection of Annual Fees.
  2. A 2019/20 Club Handbook will only be issued to Members who have completed a Membership form, and paid at least part of their Annual Fee.
  3. The Membership Secretary will keep an up-to-date database of all Club Members. A confidential hard copy will also be kept in the Clubhouse as required of a plc.
  4. All Club Members shall benefit from the Club facilities and be able to hire those facilities when available at a reduced rate.
  5. All Club Members will be able to apply for International tickets as notified to Members throughout the season.
  6. All Club Members will have AGM voting rights.
  7. Club Members agree to abide by the Club rules [copy available from Hon Secretary] when they sign the Membership Application Form. If a Member does not abide by the Club rules, or brings the Club into disrepute, a Disciplinary Committee appointed by the Club will hear the facts of the allegation/s and as a result Membership may be withdrawn.

Annual Social Membership

Annual Social Membership is available to non-playing supporters at a fee of £10, payable in full on joining. Social members are entitled to use the Club facilities when open, including the bar. However, Social members are not entitled to vote at the Club AGM, or request International tickets.

Gareth Jones

Membership Secretary

June 2018

Life Vice Presidents

Honorary Life Vice Presidents

Franklin, P
Hayes, M
Jones, M
Luke, J
Russell-Taylor, Mrs J
Smith, I E
Smith, Mrs S V
Sneezum, Mrs D P
Whitecross, Mrs K

Life Vice Presidents

Searle, J
Scarr, R E
Ronan, W
Roberts, M
Riggs, Mrs L
Riggs, M
Riggs, Joe
Riggs, Jack
Rennison, D
Render, E
Price, M S
Pheasant, J
Pain, M G
Nichols, C
Meech, M L
Meech, B
Lynch, N
Lynch, D F
Lawrence, G
Lawless, M
Kidd, A
Kendell, A
Jones, A
Jerram, S
Holt, J
Hodgson, T
Higgins, L
Hayward, W
Hayes, D J
Hastings, A
Hart, Mrs J
Harris, J
Gronow, D
Glibbery, R E
Fudio, T
Fudio, P
Dunkley, A
Dean, R
Davis, R E C
Dangerfield, J
Crowley, S
Coulter, H
Commane, F
Cavanagh, M
Carreras, M
Carkeet, R T
Byron-Butler, Mrs S
Byron-Butler, K
Butler, J
Bungay, G J
Browning, A
Broderick, E
Booth, B
Beaumont, T L
Bailey, G A
Amey, N C
Smith, R J
Wade-Brown, V
Wallen, Ms S
Wetton, S
Wickham, K
Williams, A
Wilson, J
Wolfe, R G
Jones, G
Kirby, M
Hayes, S
Scott, I
King, A
Trott, D
Achilles, D
Bennett, L
Bodey, S
Gilmore, A
Randall, S
King, G
Noonan, H
Craddock, D
Noonan, P
Austic, N
Rice, K
Stephens, K
Shears, S